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Please submit your application along with the required documents to the Traffic Department.

Apply for Driving License

  • Topics : Visas and Official Documents, Transportation
  • Audience : Individuals

Motorists are required to hold a valid driving license in order to drive in Qatar. New visitor and tourists may use an international driving permit for up to six months, after which they are required to obtain a Qatari driving license.

Some foreign driving licenses are recognized in Qatar, and can be converted into a valid Qatari driving license without any additional driving tests. First-time drivers should enroll in driving school ahead of time.

A vision test is mandatory for all applicants. This can be completed at the Ministry of Interior’s Traffic Department, or through a private hospital, clinic or licensed professional.

Offline Instructions

  • A copy of your ID and three recent personal photos.
  • Copies of the passport and the employer’s ID (for residents).
  • Complete the required tests.
  • Pay the appropriate fees.

Additional Information

For residents, employers must sign the application form for the new license and specifying its type.


The fees of a new private vehicle driving license for Qataris are QR500 (valid for 10 years) and QR250 for non-Qataris (valid for 5 years). You can view issuance and renewal fees of the driving licenses for all types of vehicles through this link.

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