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QNL Leads the Digitization Project of Arabic Manuscripts

  • Audience : Visitors, Individuals
  • Source : Al Raya Newspaper
  • Topic : Tourism, Sports and Recreation, Religion and Community, Culture, Arts and Media
  • Date : July 25, 2019

Qatar National Library (QNL), in cooperation with the British Library and Qatar Foundation (QF), is preparing to start the third stage of the digitization of Arabic manuscripts project, which will include digitizing the classics of Arab scientific literature, such as Ibn Sina's book "The Canon of Medicine” and “Maqalah fi surat Al Kusuf” by Ibn Al Haitham. At the end of the third phase, a new collection of 125 Arabic scientific manuscripts will be digitized and made available on QNL website.

This stage comes after the end of the second phase of the digitization project of Arabic manuscripts, where the list currently available to visitors has 80 digitized Arab manuscripts. During the project, the Arabic scientific manuscripts that preserved the written texts from the ninth to the eighteenth centuries and show the scientific endeavors of the Muslim peoples from Andalusia, North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East, Anatolia, Iran, Central Asia and India, were numbered.