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Qatar Excels in Communications and 5G Technologies

  • Audience : Visitors, Government, Individuals, Business
  • Source : Al Sharq Newspaper
  • Topic : Communications and IT, Religion and Community
  • Date : July 09, 2019

In its report, Consumer Reports Review praised the significant development of telecommunications sectors in Qatar with the participation of its employees who have been fully focused on its development and reaching the desired goals. The report revealed the introduction of the latest technology in the sector at the global level, starting with fixed and mobile broadband networks, as well as fiber, which contributed to a decline in DSL telecommunications after reaching the peak in 2011.

99% of households in Qatar live in areas covered by the fiber optic network, the thing that has raised the cost of Internet in Qatar. Qatar internet is one of the fastest and best networks in the Middle East and Africa, thanks to the keenness of the funded companies of this sector. 

The mobile communications sector in Qatar has also witnessed significant progress over the past years, relying on LTE, one of the latest mobile broadband technologies for 4G in broadband wireless communications, providing very high data transmission speeds Compared to 3G technologies and standards.