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PSA Launches Population and Establishments' Census 2020

  • Audience : Government, Individuals, Business
  • Source : Planning and Statistics Authority, Gulf Times, Al Sharq Newspaper
  • Topic : Religion and Community, Housing
  • Date : July 02, 2019

The Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) launched the General Census of Population, Housing and Establishments 2020, which seeks to provide a comprehensive database through the extensive use of administrative records in statistical operations.

At the launching event, HE President of PSA, Dr. Saleh Mohamed Salem Al Nabit, said: "The importance of the census stems for the country from the fact that it is the only statistical process that is conducted through an all-inclusive survey. It is an integrated image of the community at a specified moment, so the census data represents a key base for population, housing and establishments statistics that concern planners, researchers and decision makers".

He added that the main aim of the census is to create a high quality central register of population, housing and establishments data, with more comprehensive coverage and connected to a system for the continuous and simultaneous updating of this data.

He also pointed out that the importance of the Census 2020 comes from is its support to the development plans which serve as a basis for all planning levels related to population, housing and establishments. It also assesses the availability of basic services for families, to identify areas in need of such services and to priorities plans. In addition, it is considered to be the main source of information related to the size of labor force and its characteristics.

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