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Apply for Driving License

Motorists are required to hold a valid driving license in order to drive in Qatar. New residents may use an international driving permit for up to six months.

Pay KAHRAMAA Utility Bills

Pay your electricity and water bills

Apply For Family Visit Visa

Residents can apply for a short-term family visit visa for their families to enter Qatar.

View and Pay Traffic Violations

Motorists may check and pay for traffic violations only online through Ministry of Interior website.



Explore Qatar

Explore Qatar is a website that allows users to access the latest maps of Qatar and its geographic data.

GCC Resident Visit Visa

GCC residents with authorized professions may apply for an entry visa upon arrival.

Joint Tourist Visa

Citizens of 33 approved countries may apply for a joint tourist visa.

Search Public Parks

Search the public parks across Qatar online to find the park you wish to visit and find out all the details about it.



Modify Foreign Labor Approval

Make changes to your approved application to hire foreign workers

Commercial License Services

Companies, citizens and residents can issue and renew the commercial license through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Renew Commercial Register

Companies, citizens and residents can renew the commercial register through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Business Leave Notification

All expatriates except wives and children under the sponsorship of their family members are required to obtain a business leave notification when leaving Qatar.



Apply for Government Housing

Government entities may benefit from the government housing system through contacting the Governmental Housing and Buildings Department.

Government Resource Planning System “Mawared”

“Mawared” provides many benefits and services for employees and decision makers, which includes e-recruitment, personnel management, performance management, time management, compensation management and many more.

Issue Building Permit for Government Projects

This service is used to get approval on the issuance of building permit for government projects upon the approved engineering plans.

Search for Tenders on the Government Procurement Regulatory Department Portal

You can search for advertised, open, and awarded tenders of ministries and government entities, on the Government Procurement Regulatory Department portal.

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